Sunday, July 3, 2011

Havre de Grace Parade and Fireworks

Today was the annual 4th of July Parade in Havre de Grace. The band was around the 30th unit in the parade (we're usually around 60), so we didn't have as much time to hang out. We played Washington Post March and Swinging Doodle Dandy, and even though I've been hating Swinging Doodle Dandy in practice, it seemed to come together quite nicely. I saw a good number of people I know along the parade route, and that always makes me happy to be in the band. After we finished, I found Mel where she was staked out along the parade route, and watched the parade with her and her family. Afterwards, I went to her place for her annual party, and ate, drank, and was merry until around 8:45 when the Ambulance Corps sent their ambulances around announcing that the fireworks had been cancelled and to go home - it had started to rain a little. One of my fellow party-goers looked up the weather on his phone, and said there was a storm cell right above us, and another in Baltimore right then. I continued to hang out, expecting the traffic to be bad with the mass exodus of people after the announcement, but just before 9:30, some people who had left the party came back and said that the fireworks were back on! How crazy was that?

As soon as the fireworks were over, I headed home, to get some sleep for tomorrow's parades.

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