Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Hair Accessories Swap

In the mail today, I received the majority of my accessories from the Summer Hair Accessories Swap. They were just too adorable. I received five out of the six, I'm one of the ones that is waiting for the Canadian participant's redos on her accessories - her first set was lost in the mail. I received a couple of cute barrettes, some headbands, and a decorated bobby pin.

I can't wait to see what the last one will look like!

A Visit from Renae

At work tonight, we had a visit from Renae, a former co-worker. She's been living in Virginia, and Mel and I haven't seen her for a while. She stayed for a couple of glasses of wine while we closed up the restaurant, and around midnight, we headed over to Mel's house with a bottle of wine, fixings for breakfast, and the closing cook, Silky. Silky cooked bacon, sausage, and cheesy scrambled eggs while Mel, Renae and I got caught up on things. Renae had a really cool toy, a Vinturi Wine Aerator. Oh. My. Gosh. Unless you've had a chance to experience one of these things, you will not believe how much better the wine tasted after being run through the thing. It was crazy! I highly recommend getting one - and I'm going to try to get one for myself as soon as I can come up with some expendible income!

I decided to leave around 2. What a long day! And a nice visit from Renae.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Horizontal Life

The first meeting of the TWG Book Club commenced tonight after work at Julia's house. About two months ago, Megan and Tonya came up with the idea of starting a book club at the Tidewater. After a month of sign-ups, a book was decided on, as well as a date for the first meeting, and four people were volunteered to bring wine and refreshments. In the end, only five of us were able to attend the first meeting - but it was still a good time. The book that had been chosen was "My Horizontal Life - a Collection of One Night Stands" by Chelsea Handler. It's a funny book - each chapter a short story about various one night stands and/or sexual exploits that Chelsea has had in her lifetime. We discussed the book and shared assorted embarassing stories while drinking wine and eating food - Julia made her Spinach Artichoke Dip, Megan brought homemade salsa, and I brought Mel's Dip for Fritos. It was great "outside of work" bonding time, that didn't consist of going to a bar or going to someone's house to get high, so I really enjoyed it.

Mel's Dip for Fritos

8 oz cream cheese
1 can chopped chilis
diced tomatoes
diced onions
dash of Worcestershire sauce

Mix all ingredients together and chill. Serve with Fritos

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things with Wings

Today I received the charms for the "Things with Wings" Spring Charm Swap. They were wonderful! So many different varieties and interpretations of the theme! I especially loved how some of the ladies included explanations of how they made their charms. Unfortunately, some are so large that my original intention of making them into a charm bracelet is OBE (overcome by events). Now, I'm not so sure about what to do with some of them - maybe string them together as a mobile?

"Things with Wings" Charms

On the down side, my charms for the Sweet Treat Charm Swap seem to have disappeared from my craft area. I'm at a complete loss for where they could be - how exasperating!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Silver Bella Swap Done

After band tonight, I went downstairs and completed my charms for the Sweet Treat Charm Swap for Silver Bella. How exhilerating! I recently learned that one lady, who signed up for several swaps for Silver Bella, is done with all of her items. I am so jealous, but that just gives me incentive to try harder :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Day!

Yesterday, I worked a double at the restaurant and gave up my Sunday night, so that I could take Tom to dinner for our anniversary. I won't be home that night, so I thought this would be a good time to do it. What a day it turned out to be.
I got up early, for having a whole day off. Maybe I should have slept in, but I got a lot accomplished for the time I had. I went downstairs and worked on the charms for the Sweet Treat Charm Swap for Silver Bella. I completed one part, and had 75% of the second part done when Tom came down to get me. We fixed a late breakfast, then got to work in the yard. There hasn't been a good rain here for about a month, and the plants really need to be put in the ground. So, we worked on the line of plants that we're putting along the fence in the front yard. There are thirteen groupings, and we were able to complete six, not a bad days work. It was about 7:30 when we stopped and got cleaned up and ready to go to dinner.
When we got to Outback, we found out we were out of luck. It was 9:00, and that's when they close on Sundays. I thought they closed at 10. What was the most disappointing part, besides the fact that we've been discussing what we were going to get to eat all day, was that I was going to use a gift card to help us save some money. We went to Red Lobster instead, and spent a little more than usual - Tom didn't like his first alcoholic beverage, so he got another, he added a steak to his meal (because he had been craving steak all day), and he got dessert. Dinner went okay, except for Tom's complaints about not being able to go to Outback.
After we got home, I went downstairs and completed the second part of my charms, then went to bed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What am I Doing?

After a long debate with myself, and then remembering a week long vacation at the beach that I have planned, I decided to enter just one more swap for Silver Bella. It is going to be one busy vacation - the beach will never be the same. For all of you Bella swappers out there - please pardon any sand on your items from me, except for the ATC that I'm planning on puttting sand on...
OrnaBella Ornament Swap
Opening: Thursday, July 2nd, 12:00pm CST
Hostess: Lonnie Jenk
Email Address: lonniejenck@...
Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Delivery Plan/Deadline: We'll meet and swap our ornaments at the Silver Bella Swap Meet.
Details: Oh the fun of decorating for the holidays, and with the inspiration of Silver Bella, how could I not hostess this swap? Each participant should create an ornament featuring the colors pink, aqua and silver (of course, what would an OrnaBella ornament swap be without Bella colors?).
So, this gives me an excuse to go out and buy all of my supplies soon. And maybe a new carry-all to bring things to the beach with me. Being absolutely swamped and overcommitted never looked so good!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Much Stuff

Today was a good mail day. I received my order from Oriental Trading Company and a padded envelope from Wanda full of chipboard shapes, trims, and playing cards. All of these items are for Silver Bella swaps.

Now, I have no excuse to not start working on my swap projects!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Glutton for Punishment

Well, I'll say this one last time, I've joined the absolute last Silver Bella swap for this year! While talking to Wanda on the phone today, we decided to join the Playing from A to Z Swap. I don't know if I can handle the commitment, but I'll certainly try. Since I was on my way to work when we decided to join, I told her to ask Dodo (my oldest nephew) to choose my letter for me - he chose "P." Why, I don't know, but I'll try to have fun with it.
Playing from A to Z Swap
Opening: Tuesday, July 7th, 12:00pm CST
Hostessed by: Amanda Wiley
Email address - hodgepodgebyamanda@...
Maximum # of participants - 26
Delivery Plan/Deadline – Deliver to hostess no later than Oct 1st.
Details - I can't seem to get enough of artwork featuring letters. I have seen wonderful canvases in catalogs and either pass it up because, "I can do it myself" or "they want HOW much for that piece!" So I invite you to join me in this quest for the ultimate A to Z masterpiece. Your task should you choose to accept it will be to select one letter of the alphabet (yep those who sign up first will get first pick until all the letters are taken). Create 26 identical/similar mini-canvases using a standard playing card as the base. When your mini masterpieces are complete, send them along with 26 identification cards (ie a moo card) to me. Each participant will receive a completed alphabet along with conact info from the others all packaged neatly to take home. Colors - Black, white, silver, and one accent color of your choice. Please make sure your art work does not extend beyond the edges of the playing card. Dimensional pieces secured to the face of the card are okay.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Apron Flair Charms

In the mail, today, I received the rest of the charms I ordered for my Apron Flair. They're so cute, and a little bigger than I expected. But, hey, that's okay, since the swap hostess asked if anyone would like to make two extra flair, if I change my flair idea slightly, I can make the thirteen I would like to make.

The third picture wouldn't upload, maybe I'll post it another day, maybe not.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Closing and Charms

Tonight was an interesting night. I closed up the restaurant for the first time in a long time. I feel like it went rather smoothly, but I know that I had forgotten some things that would have been good to do. I'll find out tomorrow how I did.

I also received in the mail my first purchase from Etsy for the Apron Flair Swap. I should be receiving two more packages, and I think I'll order one more set, so that I can make three extra Flair.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fruit Cocktails

Wanda bought me a canvas off of Etsy, and it arrived today. I can't tell you how cute it is. It is by Stellalola (aka Julie Lewis). She has some totally cute stuff - very creative, and the word play is great. I don't think I'll find a place to display it in the kitchen, but maybe in my crafting area...

Monday, July 6, 2009

One Last Swap

Why do I let myself get into these messes? I signed up for another swap for Silver Bella, with Wanda's encouragement, of course. She's so empowering. But really, I couldn't see how I could pass it up. It's a Halloween-themed swap, and I've always loved Halloween.
Pre-Silver Bella Spooky-Ookey Halloween Owl Garland Swap
Opening: Monday, July 6th, 12:00pm CST
Hostess: Gina Grable
Email Address: gina.grable@...
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
Delivery Plan/Deadline: All little owls should be flying in NO LATER THAN September 25th so that I have time to string the banner and mail them back for your October Halloween d├ęcor. Please include $7.00 to cover the cost of mailing the completed work back to you. I will send it in the box you send me using the packaging you send, so pack well!!!
Details: We'll join to create a whimsical, glittery and spooky Halloween delight. Our color scheme for this project is purple, green, orange, and black. Each participant will get 2 of the Maya Road Chipboard coaster books and decorate all owls the same. There are 6 in each pack. You may use any/all sorts of goodness on your owls: water color, acrylics, gel medium, German glass glitter, ribbon, vintage jewels...embellish, embellish, embellish! The only requirements are that you stay with the color scheme. Please make sure that there are holes equally punched in the ears for stringing. There are no exact measurements; we don't want precision here, just punched in the general area. On the back, each participant should cover the cardboard and include their artist info (name, email, blog, and a little decor for fun if they wish, etc....)

This should honest to goodness be the last swap I join for Silver Bella, since there are only two more opening up. If one of those doesn't fill up in a timely manner, I might commit to it, but I'm truly scared of what I need to accomplish in the next couple of months. Eeek!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fifth of July

Another day, another July 4th weekend over and done with. And boy, was it busy. Today, I didn't have as many band obligations as yesterday, but all of the other obligations are what tired me out. My day started out with working at Huber. Then, at an appropriate time, I walked over to the high school, which is where the band was meeting for the Havre de Grace parade. We performed, and I saw lots of people I know. At the end of the parade, I walked back to where Mel and Whitney were sitting, and hung out with them until the end of the parade. Then I walked back to work, finished filling out some paperwork, then changed clothes. Charlie, one of the ladies on the band's Equipment Crew, had invited me to her house for a cookout, so I headed over there. A couple of band kids were there with their parents, and some of her friends from work, and it was a nice time, eating and watching the kids playing volleyball, badmitton, and ping pong. I even played a little ping pong - quite badly, I might add. After about two hours, I said good-bye, and headed over to Mel's for her cookout. There were some Tidewater girls there, as well as some Tidewater regulars, and Mel's family and friends. I ate a little - quite honestly, I'd had enough to eat at Charlie's - and I helped a little boy named Donovan catch fireflies. When the fireworks started, we all walked closer to the park, and it was a very nice show. Then, I returned to my car with Megan and Egan, and battled the traffic in town, first dropping them off at Julie's house, then heading home. Who would have thought that a couple hours of work, a parade, and a few parties could be so tiring?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! Mine has been busy, so far. Today, I participated in three parades in Baltimore with the band. We marched in parades in Dundalk, Towson, and Catonsville. They were our usual parades, but this year seemed nicer. It wasn't too humid, and the temperature was comfortable. For the parades, we played the Fight Song, School's Out, and America. Before the Catonsville parade, we are usually invited to hang out in the side yard of the Fields' family, and they are kind enough to provide us with drinks and candy. In return, we perform a concert for them. The concert line-up was: Gladiator, School's Out, Black Dog/Kashmir, Beautiful Girls, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Enter Sandman, Radar Love, and the Raven's Fight Song. Compared to last year, this year went much smoother. Last year, I overslept and missed the busses and the first parade. I had to drive to Towson and Catonsville, separate from the rest of the band, which was quite stressful, since I didn't know where to go. I'm glad I woke up on time this year.