Monday, July 6, 2009

One Last Swap

Why do I let myself get into these messes? I signed up for another swap for Silver Bella, with Wanda's encouragement, of course. She's so empowering. But really, I couldn't see how I could pass it up. It's a Halloween-themed swap, and I've always loved Halloween.
Pre-Silver Bella Spooky-Ookey Halloween Owl Garland Swap
Opening: Monday, July 6th, 12:00pm CST
Hostess: Gina Grable
Email Address: gina.grable@...
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
Delivery Plan/Deadline: All little owls should be flying in NO LATER THAN September 25th so that I have time to string the banner and mail them back for your October Halloween d├ęcor. Please include $7.00 to cover the cost of mailing the completed work back to you. I will send it in the box you send me using the packaging you send, so pack well!!!
Details: We'll join to create a whimsical, glittery and spooky Halloween delight. Our color scheme for this project is purple, green, orange, and black. Each participant will get 2 of the Maya Road Chipboard coaster books and decorate all owls the same. There are 6 in each pack. You may use any/all sorts of goodness on your owls: water color, acrylics, gel medium, German glass glitter, ribbon, vintage jewels...embellish, embellish, embellish! The only requirements are that you stay with the color scheme. Please make sure that there are holes equally punched in the ears for stringing. There are no exact measurements; we don't want precision here, just punched in the general area. On the back, each participant should cover the cardboard and include their artist info (name, email, blog, and a little decor for fun if they wish, etc....)

This should honest to goodness be the last swap I join for Silver Bella, since there are only two more opening up. If one of those doesn't fill up in a timely manner, I might commit to it, but I'm truly scared of what I need to accomplish in the next couple of months. Eeek!

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