Friday, July 17, 2009

What am I Doing?

After a long debate with myself, and then remembering a week long vacation at the beach that I have planned, I decided to enter just one more swap for Silver Bella. It is going to be one busy vacation - the beach will never be the same. For all of you Bella swappers out there - please pardon any sand on your items from me, except for the ATC that I'm planning on puttting sand on...
OrnaBella Ornament Swap
Opening: Thursday, July 2nd, 12:00pm CST
Hostess: Lonnie Jenk
Email Address: lonniejenck@...
Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Delivery Plan/Deadline: We'll meet and swap our ornaments at the Silver Bella Swap Meet.
Details: Oh the fun of decorating for the holidays, and with the inspiration of Silver Bella, how could I not hostess this swap? Each participant should create an ornament featuring the colors pink, aqua and silver (of course, what would an OrnaBella ornament swap be without Bella colors?).
So, this gives me an excuse to go out and buy all of my supplies soon. And maybe a new carry-all to bring things to the beach with me. Being absolutely swamped and overcommitted never looked so good!

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How cute, those swaps are addicting!!