Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Day!

Yesterday, I worked a double at the restaurant and gave up my Sunday night, so that I could take Tom to dinner for our anniversary. I won't be home that night, so I thought this would be a good time to do it. What a day it turned out to be.
I got up early, for having a whole day off. Maybe I should have slept in, but I got a lot accomplished for the time I had. I went downstairs and worked on the charms for the Sweet Treat Charm Swap for Silver Bella. I completed one part, and had 75% of the second part done when Tom came down to get me. We fixed a late breakfast, then got to work in the yard. There hasn't been a good rain here for about a month, and the plants really need to be put in the ground. So, we worked on the line of plants that we're putting along the fence in the front yard. There are thirteen groupings, and we were able to complete six, not a bad days work. It was about 7:30 when we stopped and got cleaned up and ready to go to dinner.
When we got to Outback, we found out we were out of luck. It was 9:00, and that's when they close on Sundays. I thought they closed at 10. What was the most disappointing part, besides the fact that we've been discussing what we were going to get to eat all day, was that I was going to use a gift card to help us save some money. We went to Red Lobster instead, and spent a little more than usual - Tom didn't like his first alcoholic beverage, so he got another, he added a steak to his meal (because he had been craving steak all day), and he got dessert. Dinner went okay, except for Tom's complaints about not being able to go to Outback.
After we got home, I went downstairs and completed the second part of my charms, then went to bed.

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