Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vacation: Day Six

Oh blessed day six, I finally finished reading the book that's been torturing me!

"The Assassin's Riddle" seemed like such a promising book to start with, but it took half the book to get interesting! Now, I can handle slow starts - I read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - but half a book?!? After that, it moved along quite well, and then, in the last three pages, it made me cry!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation: Day Five

On day five of vacation I accomplished more of the same.

I crocheted another beaded necklace - this one is about 13 inches around, I'm getting better - and I made a bunch of bottle cap earrings. One thing that I did do that was different, I made a filigree wire bracelet. I like it and want to make more - they can only get better with practice.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vacation: Day Four

It may not seem like much, but I did get something accomplished on my fourth day of vacation.

I completed reading a magazine, but more importantly, I crocheted a beaded necklace. I stayed up late last night working on it, and it's quite intricate for a first time thing. I like it, but there is something wrong with it - the pattern says it should be 15 inches long, and it's only 11. Maybe I'll make another one, but with a bigger hook.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacation: Day Three

How unproductive was my third day of vacation? I didn't finish reading a book, or even a magazine, but I did get some stuff done.

I crocheted a scarf out of Red Heart's Boutique Sashay Metallic and two more motifs for a sachet. I also made two more rings out of vintage earrings, and three sets of bottle cap earrings. I stopped early with those because it was late, and they involve making a lot of noise.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation: Day Two

My second day of vacation provided more good stuff. I finished reading a book and a magazine, I made three rings out of vintage earrings, and I crocheted two motifs, which, when put together, will make a sachet.

The book was okay. It was "Face Down Upon an Herbal," the second book in the Lady Appleton series. I didn't like how one of the characters had developed from the last book. The rings turned out pretty well, and were rather easy to make. I hope to get a bunch of those made for the craft show in November, as well as some sachets. I made a bunch of those for a swap at Silver Bella a few years ago, and while I was putting the finishing touches on them at the group dinner before the swap period, someone asked me if I was selling them. Well, hopefully I will be at the craft show. I just need to get to work!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation: Day One

On our first full day of vacation, I feel like I accomplished something. I finished the book I started reading yesterday, "Face Down in a Marrow-Bone Pie," and I finished one of the magazines that I had brought with me to catch up on.

I enjoyed the book. The heroine was too forward thinking for her day, but it wasn't too annoying. Sometimes, in the Regency era romances that I read, the heroine is too much like ladies of our century, and it annoys me. I read those types of books because of the romance, not how head-strong and independent the heroine is. No, I don't want them to be simpering or wilting violets, but I do want them to need the hero. The book also helped to remind me of my interest back in college of using herbs and natrural remedies, which I never did more than by a book about, but really wanted to read. Maybe I'll try to find it and see what I can learn.
I also did a tiny bit of crafting while on the beach - flaring out bottle caps and starting to crochet a sachet. I forgot to bring scissors, so I couldn't complete very much of the sachet. Overall, a good day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Infinity Scarf

Tonight, I finally finished the Infinity Scarf that I started during my time off after my knee surgery in May.

Tom and I both think that it turned out quite nicely, and I can't wait until cooler weather so I can wear it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Josh's Baby Blanket

During my convalescence (aka taking time off from work due to my knee), I was able to complete some crocheting, and the biggest project was the baby shower gift for Josh.

We're having a shower for Josh at work on Thursday, and I was under a time crunch finishing this gift, because I had to order the yarn, and it just came in earlier this week.
I like how this blanket turned out, even though it's not complete by what the pattern says. The blanket isn't as big as the pattern says, and I couldn't finish the blanket with two rows of the same color, even though I ordered/bought the required amount of yarn. Regardless, I love the feel of the blanket. It's made with Bernat's Baby Blanket and it feels so soft, like a stuffed animal.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again

So, here's the story:
Wednesday, at band practice, while we were marching, I felt a weird popping sensation behind my good knee. Immediately, I couldn't put any weight on the leg, so I hobbled off of the field. The medics said that I couldn't go to the game on Thursday, and that I should get an MRI. Thursday was spent trying to get an MRI. Getting the insurance approval, and then scheduled for the actual MRI, took all day. Friday, I'd heard back from the doctor - I've torn the meniscus in this knee, too. It's weird though, I've been able to put more weight on the leg every day, and I was able to hobble around without the help of crutches today. Hopefully, I'll be feeling good enough to work tomorrow and Sunday.