Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation: Day One

On our first full day of vacation, I feel like I accomplished something. I finished the book I started reading yesterday, "Face Down in a Marrow-Bone Pie," and I finished one of the magazines that I had brought with me to catch up on.

I enjoyed the book. The heroine was too forward thinking for her day, but it wasn't too annoying. Sometimes, in the Regency era romances that I read, the heroine is too much like ladies of our century, and it annoys me. I read those types of books because of the romance, not how head-strong and independent the heroine is. No, I don't want them to be simpering or wilting violets, but I do want them to need the hero. The book also helped to remind me of my interest back in college of using herbs and natrural remedies, which I never did more than by a book about, but really wanted to read. Maybe I'll try to find it and see what I can learn.
I also did a tiny bit of crafting while on the beach - flaring out bottle caps and starting to crochet a sachet. I forgot to bring scissors, so I couldn't complete very much of the sachet. Overall, a good day.

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