Friday, August 16, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again

So, here's the story:
Wednesday, at band practice, while we were marching, I felt a weird popping sensation behind my good knee. Immediately, I couldn't put any weight on the leg, so I hobbled off of the field. The medics said that I couldn't go to the game on Thursday, and that I should get an MRI. Thursday was spent trying to get an MRI. Getting the insurance approval, and then scheduled for the actual MRI, took all day. Friday, I'd heard back from the doctor - I've torn the meniscus in this knee, too. It's weird though, I've been able to put more weight on the leg every day, and I was able to hobble around without the help of crutches today. Hopefully, I'll be feeling good enough to work tomorrow and Sunday.

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