Thursday, July 12, 2012

Place Markers

When I walked in to work this evening, Julie said she had a project for me. I thought, "Okay, what needs to be cleaned now?" Then she said it had to do with fabric and I thought, "Okay, so how many napkins do I need to fold for this wedding tomorrow?" A little later, she explained the project. There's going to be a wedding on the lawn tomorrow, and yesterday, at the rehearsal, the bridesmaids didn't quite know where to go, so using three fabric napkins that were samples the restaurant had received, and some bamboo skewers, I was tasked with making place markers that we could stick in the ground to mark where people needed to stand. Julie said I could make a flower or a bow, just something to mark the spot. She mentioned that their centerpieces were glass vases filled with golf balls and topped with hydrangeas, and I had my idea. I tried to look up some ideas on-line for how to make fabric hydrangeas, but the winning idea came from a class I took at Silver Bella by Betz White where we made felted wool flowers. I cut out circles of fabric, folded them, and stitched them together, to make the markers.

(Please forgive the flash)

I'm pleased with the way they turned out, and everyone who saw them thought they turned out great. Julie thinks that the bride will go crazy over them - I just hope she likes them.

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