Friday, June 13, 2014

Safety Day 2014

Today was Safety Day at Huber. This year, it was the "Huber Games," where we played games as a reward for being safe all year. I, however, did not play games, I helped run them. Every couple years, I will be on the committee, but this year, I thought I would be away on Safety Day, so I didn't join the committee. They requested my help anyway, so I helped with Wii games. I helped people play the dancing game and Wii bowling. It was fun to participate. Then, it was time for the speaker and lunch. The speaker had been injured in a workplace accident, losing both legs below the knee, and he was pretty darn cool. Lunch was catered by Blazin' Ray's, which is run by a former co-worker. The best part of the whole thing - I won a prize basket in the raffle.

The basket had coffee and coffee mugs in it. On top of that, everyone received a fleece blanket and lawn chair.

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