Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ravens vs Bengals

My, my, my - for a regular season opener, the Ravens didn't look much better this year than last. Unfortunately, we lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 16-23. For one brief, shining moment in the second half, where we were finally in the lead, all was right with the world. Then, an interception was thrown, and the battle began anew. When there were only two minutes left in the game, we had the ball, and came close to scoring, but two sacks later, the game was over :-( Of course, the highlight of the game was halftime. The Ravens had erected a statue of Ray Lewis outside the stadium, and he gave a speech during halftime. The band put a well-executed "52" on the field (Ray's number).

Can you find me? I'm at the bottom of the two, in front of the drum majors (wearing capes).

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