Monday, October 6, 2014

Pake - Epic Fail

After hearing about the Cherpumple, and the fabulous sounding Sir Plumple, JoAnne and I agreed that we just had to try the Pake - a pie baked in a cake. I decided to make a Black Forest Pake (cherry pie baked in a chocolate cake), but Tom thought that a better idea would be an apple pie baked in a spice cake. My experiments did not turn out as expected.

Black Forest Pake

Apple Spice Pake

Here's where my plan fell apart. The website I went to for advice said to follow the directions on the box for bake time. So, after putting the pie in the springform pan and pouring all of my cake batter over it, I baked my pakes for 30 minutes. I didn't check the center of the cake for doneness, because I was afraid I'd go too far with the pick, and mistake the pie filling for un-doneness, so I checked the side. The side was fine, but the center wasn't. In the end, if you don't mind licking the batter off of the spoon, my pakes weren't bad. Translation - the center of the cake part was not fully cooked. Lesson learned - I used enough cake batter for two cakes, so the bake time for one cake was not enough. Advice - bake cake for twice the amount of time (45-60 minutes). The pakes were still tasty, though.

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