Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Champions Tribute to Jim McKay

This is an old post from my old blog. I intend to transfer them all over to this one.

Yesterday, the Pep Band participated in a Champions Tribute to Jim McKay. As you know, Jim McKay, the voice of ABC Sports and the Olympics for many years, died in June. The city of Baltimore held a tribute to him last night, with a good number of Maryland Olympic athletes present for the ocassion. As for the band, we played the Star Spangled Banner and the Olympic Fanfare at the beginning of the evening, and Maryland, My Maryland at the end. It was quite exciting to be included in an evening which featured the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Dorothy Hamil, and Michael Phelps, but the in between times, between playing was oh so dull. The band was holed up in a small room, and we had to entertain ourselves for hours on end. I can't even remember what I did prior to warming up, but after we returned to the room after warming up, I learned to play Eucre and Spoons (which we played with cell phones). After a few rounds of Spoons, we played our first few songs for the gathering. After returning to the room, we ate dinner, and played many rounds of Bullshit, until it was time to play at the end of the function. I can't believe how exhausting it was to do absolutely nothing. On the drive home, I had to stop in a parking lot to take a nap, I was that tired. But luckily, I got home in one piece.

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