Monday, April 5, 2010

Finishing Up the Nancy Drew Swap

So, here's what I sent Olenka for the 2nd Annual Nancy Drew Swap. I think it's a lot of fun stuff, and I really hope she enjoys it. First off, "The Message in the Hollow Oak" (at least this version) takes place in Canada, so I sent her some Canada Mints.

I used the book to make a Book Purse, and filled it with Bit O Honey's.

Since I had cut the book apart to make the purse, I used some of the pages, and some artificial fall leaves, to make an Altered Composition Book.

The pages also went into covering a cone, to which I added a ribbon and bow with a fun oak leaf print. Inside, I put a bag of gummi worms, which go with the outdoorsy theme of the book.

I took an old wooden book/box, painted it, and added the first page of the book and an illustration.

I filled it with some Puckerooms (sour gummi mushrooms) and these clip-on earrings, which look like oak leaves.

I had a lot of fun putting it all together.

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Anonymous said...

you took way better pictures then me lol! I love everything!!!!! 80)