Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ravens vs. Tampa Bay

This game, our halftime show was an Ozzy Osbourne show. Why? He's in town for a concert, and there was the possibility that he might be in the stadium. When we planned the show, the game was scheduled for 1:00, but the NFL flexed it to a 4:00 game, so I seriously doubt that Ozzy would have seen (or more importantly, heard) it, unless he was there for the actual football game, which I highly doubt.
The Ravens also came up with a 10-17 win, against the Buccaneers. The game wasn't super exciting, but I'm actually starting to stay awake through the games. I've decided to stop bringing candy with me. I'm theorizing that I eat the candy in the first and second quarters, get a quick little sugar rush, then crash after halftime, which may be why I'm falling asleep all of the time. I'll continue to monitor the situation.

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