Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silver Bella - Opening Night

Today was a busy day. After eating breakfast, I had to get serious about finishing my last swap items. I had crocheted all day yesterday while travelling, and my hands were sore, but I was able to finish most of what I needed for the swap exchange. Then Wanda and I found Bianca, and walked around Old Market for a little while. We ate lunch at Wheatfield's, where I had Cheesy Tomato Soup, a small Swiss House Salad, and an Angelfood Muffin. They were all quite yummy. Then we found the Bliss Bakery. There was going to be a Cupcaketini Party later in the afternoon (with the Cupcaketinis from Bliss), and we wanted to check it out. I picked up a Butterbeer Cupcake, and although it wasn't quite what I was expecting, it was tasty. We headed up to the Caketini Party soon after that, where I tried a delicious Pink Champagne Caketini. Not too long after that, the Opening Dinner commenced. After dinner, we participated in a group project, which I didn't finish, then went on to the swap portion of the evening.

Sentimental Sachet Swap

Tiny Trim Tag Swap

Custom Charm Bracelet Swap

Baker's Dozen Cupcake Book Swap

Vintage Bling Charm Bracelet Swap

What great stuff!

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Creative Wings Boutique said...

hi wendy,
hope you liked your sachet. I thought yours was a great idea.