Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ravens vs. Jets

Tonight's game was weird. It seemed to go really fast - I don't remember a lot of the game. The Ravens won 34-17, which was crazy, since I don't remember many of the scoring drives. What the hell? I must have been concentrating on my Pixie Stix and pistachios waaayyy too much.
For our pregame show, we formed ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Cool, huh?
Our halftime show was so energetic, I just loved it. We played Uprising and Knights of Cydonia, both by Muse. I haven't found a video of it on YouTube, yet, but I hope to.
On a note that's a little lower than the great pre-game and halftime shows that the band did, my car broke down on the way down to Baltimore. Jeff, the guy I've been carpooling with, thought it was my timing belt. Luckily, another band member stopped to help us out, so after waiting for the tow truck, we made it to the stadium in time for rehearsal. I'll learn tomorrow how bad off the car is.

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