Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Terry's Baby Shower

I would count this event as a success. Terry said he suspected something when he was told that he was needed in the Break Room, but he seemed very pleased. He was very complimentary of the diaper cake, and noticed right away that it matched the colors and theme of his nursery - what new dad does that? For this breakfast, it was planned as just a doughnuts and pastries thing, but since a couple of co-workers are doing the low-carb diet, and another needs gluten-free, JoAnne and I decided to bring items in for those eaters. My idea was Breakfast Kabobs.

For my kabobs, I cooked up a pack of thick-cut bacon, a package of 8 sausage patties, a ham steak, and baked some scrambled eggs in muffin tins (6 eggs, scrambled and portioned out into 8 muffin cups, baked at 350F for 15 minutes). I cut each sausage patty and egg muffin in half, the ham into 16 pieces, and each slice of bacon into thirds. Then, I started putting them on skewers (or long sandwich picks since I couldn't find my bamboo skewers) - one piece of ham, sausage, and egg each, and the bacon was two to three pieces each. Low-carb and gluten-free, mission accomplished!

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