Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ravens vs. Lions

Today, I have had one of my worst game day experiences. It wasn't the game in particular, where the Ravens beat Detroit 3-48 - I actually feel kind of sorry for Detroit - it was the weather. During rehearsal, it was raining. Not a problem, we've practiced in worse weather, but I found out that there were serious cracks in the soles of my shoes, and my feet were wet. I had to sit through the entire game with soaking wet socks and shoes. It was chilly enough that I wished I was wearing my gloves, but they were soaking wet, too, and I thought maybe they'd dry up a little if I stuck them in my pocket. Boy, was I wrong. I could still wring the water out of them at the end of the game. The rain doesn't exactly treat woodwind instruments well, either. I thought that the flute I was using had plastic pads, but on closer inspection, it's got plastic where there would normally be cork. And we didn't do a halftime show because of Punt, Pass and Kick.
As for the game, it was embarrassing. Half way through the second quarter, the band members were asking if we could take the score at halftime and use it as the final score. We were so frustrated with the referees, who were making weird calls, resetting the clock several times, so at the beginning of the third quarter, someone asked if we could reset the clock to the two minute warning in the fourth quarter. The band ended up cheering for pizza toppings (on Mondays, Papa John's offers a free topping for every touchdown scored, double if the Ravens win). One of the drum majors brought up the fact that we could get ten toppings, and asked if we should go for twelve, so the band started to chant, "We want twelve." It was just a really crazy experience.

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