Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope it's a happy one.
Today, I picked up fabric for the No-Sew Block Swap. I think that they'll work out well. I only wish that I was able to find white with yellow dots for my white fabric. Here's a peek of my selections.

Then later, I continued working on my tags for the Valentine Tag Book Swap. I placed the die-cut hearts on the tags, and found some lace that I put on the bottoms. I also thought of a fun yarn to tie through the hole at the top of the tag. I think they're missing something, and I might think about wording of some sort, but maybe not.


Kathleen said...

Such pretty, romantic fabrics!

Jenn said...

VERY Pretty fabrics! I'm in your group and can't wait to get a block with these fabrics! FUN!