Monday, January 25, 2010

Haitian Art

Today, I received a gift from Wanda.

She purchased it off of an Etsy shop, after reading about it on Rebecca Sower's blog. Rebecca visited Haiti after Christmas, and brought back artwork to sell to help the people there. Feel free to visit Haiti by Hand to learn more.

I also received the tags from the Valetine's Tag Book Swap! How exciting! They are all so wonderful. Here they are, all put together in a Slide show.


Geralyn Gray said...

What a nice sister! I like what she picked out for you too! I read your post about your still show your dh stuff you made....I gave that up a long time ago.......I usually get a uhhuuhhhh.....I just posted all of the tags with pictures and links....I hope you stop by and say hi......I saved the best for last.....oh don't tell Wanda or any other swapper I said that.

kana said...


Thanks so much for my cute Heart Valentine tag!! I love it!