Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day Off

Since I was layed up today, I did a few things that I needed to do. I looked up the patterns for the quilt blocks for blocks I got from the No-Sew Block Swap that I participated in a few months ago. I read for a couple of hours, then went downstairs (ouch!) and organized some things in my crafting area. I also started some things for my tag swap. Can you believe that when I finally emerged from the basement, it was 9 pm?!? After fixing some dinner, I put my foot up and popped in a DVD, "Julie & Julia."

I had a totally different idea of what the movie was going to be about, but I really enjoyed it. I also want to do it! But, Tom is so picky about his food, and I have so little time, that it's prohibitive. Except for the sore ankle, and keeping it up and on ice, it was a pleasant day.

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