Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Next Day Off

I can't help but feel like I wasted my day! It was a beautiful day out, so Tom encouraged me to sit outside for a while. So, I sat outside and read for a couple of hours. Then I went downstairs and photographed and took notes on some things I need to list on Etsy. When I came back upstairs, I worked on my first quilt square. I actually finished two!

Woven Ribbons

Chimneys & Cornerstones

Then, for dinner, and the rest of the evening, Tom and I watched Season 2 of Project Runway. Is that really all I did? This convalescence is the best opportunity I've had in years to get stuff done, and I feel like I've got almost nothing done. Time is slipping away, and if the doctor gives me the thumbs up tomorrow, I go back to work Friday. I need to go back to work, since I'm broke now, but I have so much to do! Anyway, enough whining.
On a happier note, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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