Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Visit from Dad

Dad visited again this weekend, so, this time, I requested to have off. Our day started out with some yard sales and thrift shopping in the area, since Donnie had plans for the evening. But while we were out, Donnie called back to say that he had changed some of his plans, so we headed down to Donnie's to meet him for dinner. Dad and I stopped at the National Harbor, and there was an International Art Festival going on. We walked around for a little bit, and I finally saw "The Awakening."

Dad with the foot

Me with the hand

Some of my favorite pieces that we saw were from an artist from the Torpedo Factory Art Gallery in Alexandria, VA. We had visited there once, and saw a moose head that was made from recovered materials, and it was incredible! I'm still kicking myself for never having got a picture of it. But here were two more pieces made from recovered materials, a lion and a panda.

After we left the National Harbor, Dad and I met Donnie at his place, and we went out to dinner at the Lebanese Taverna at Pentagon Row. We ate in their outside dining area, and it was a really good experience. For an appetizer, we shared a Spinach Flatbread. It tasted like spanikopita, so naturally, I loved it! For my meal, I had a Carved Rotisserie with chicken, lamb, and beef. The sauces that were served with the dish were wonderful. Donnie had Lamb Kabobs and Dad had Grilled Salmon.
When we got back to Donnie's place, we sat down and watched "Behind Enemy Lines." Then Dad and I drove back to my house. It was a really nice day with family. I hadn't done the yard sale thing since I was a kid, and I enjoyed breaking out the camera. Of course, good food never hurts an experience either!

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