Monday, August 9, 2010

Help Me!

There nothing like a worthless cause, but I love to be competitive! The Baltimore Ravens are having a poll on their website to determine what the Fight Song will be. It has been proposed to change the current Ravens Fight Song, which was written by John Modell when the Cleveland Browns came to Baltimore and were converted into the Baltimore Ravens, back to the old Colts Fight Song. The Colts Fight Song is near and dear to many hearts in Baltimore, but it's my belief that the Ravens are our new team, and we should keep our newer Fight Song. Please help me! If you follow this link, you can read about it, listen to some recordings, and vote. Already, it's 78% for the Colts Fight Song, and 22% for the Ravens Fight Song - I need more votes! Even if the Ravens Fight Song loses, I'd hate for it to be such a landslide victory for the Colts Fight Song. Please vote for the current Fight Song on every computer that you have access to, but I'm assuming that voting will end at midnight on Tuesday, since the winner will be announced on Wednesday. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, and vote!

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