Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ravens vs Panthers

Wow, what a crazy night! Tonight was the first preseason game for the Ravens. We played the Carolina Panthers and won 12-17. What made the night so crazy was the rain. Before we left the buses, it was drizzling, and we were going to get raingear, but the rain stopped and it looked like it was done, so we didn’t. We performed our usual concert at Camden Yards, and then our Pregame show – which was cut short unexpectedly due to the team staying on the field and practicing longer than usual. After the game started, though, it started to rain again. And it didn’t stop for the rest of the game. We were soaked! Normally, we try to protect the uniforms – it’s expensive to get them all dry-cleaned – but I think that the raingear was left with the buses, and by the time anyone could gather them all up, and bring them back to the stadium, we’d be soaked anyway.

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