Saturday, September 18, 2010

Huge Wedding Reception

At the restaurant today, we hosted the biggest wedding reception in our history. A tent was placed out on the lawn, covering the outer deck.

They strung huge paper lanterns, and the tables were set up out on the lawn, along with a dancefloor.

Amanda’s Florist did the flower arrangements, and they were, of course, beautiful.

They decorated the tent that was the entryway to the main tent,

And the cake, which was from Desserts by Rita.

The party favors were chocolates from Bomboy’s.

Bomboy’s also did a chocolate fountain.

We set up the gift table on the deck, in the sun. They had a tower of fabric covered round boxes to hold cards.

It was a long day, setting up and tearing down the party, but it was a beautiful day, and all of the guests seemed to be very happy.

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