Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vintage ABC Swap

Well, I've finally finished my pages for the Vintage ABC Swap! Luckily, a one week extension was granted, so I was very lucky. Below is a sample of my page. I had the letter "C."
The bases of my pages started out with Cartons (Cracker, beer, and Cake). I covered the front with vintage Cookbook pages (which were chock full of "C" words), then added a "C" that I cut out with my Cuttlebug. I created a stencil for the Cake stand, and painted it with gold paint. I then constructed a Cake with lace and trim. On the bottom, I punched holes and attached eyelets with my Crop-o-dile, then attached Charms (a Copper Coffeepot, a Cocktail, and a Chocolate bar). The back of the page started with Composition book paper. I added a graphic with a quote about Creativity (my virtue) and a Calla lily (my flower). I wrote out most of my "C" words out in Cursive, then added trim that Marian sent me that had the word "Cool" on it, and a way to hold my Moo Card on the page.

I think they turned out all right, and I hope that I didn't underachieve too much, compared to the other ladies in the swap.

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