Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hollywood Casino

Tonight, after work, Nicole and I went over to the new Hollywood Casino in Perryville.

It only has slot machines right now, but there are plans to add table games in the future. The main reason why I went was to get a player card, and hopefully I might be able to make it back over there on Thursday, for their Grand Opening.

Grand Opening? Why are you open now?
It’s a Soft Opening, kind of like an out of town premier, only in town.

Anyway – I think I’m going to enjoy the casino being there. There are so many times when I’d love to go out after work, but I just feel too old for the bar up the street (it’s so noisy and crowded) and to head up to Delaware Park is just too far to go when I have to work the next morning. And I’m sure that Mom and Dad will enjoy trying it out the next time they visit.

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