Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ravens vs. Steelers

Wow! I was expecting the Steelers to put up a better fight than that! The Ravens won our season opener, 7-35, with an amazing game. Normally, I can't stand ass-whoopings like that, but the game was still exciting. The Steelers played well, but things just didn't go their way.
The band's pre-game show went well, but the rest of the pre-game ceremony was quite touching. As a tribute to the ten year anniversary of 9-11, a 300 foot long American flag was carried onto the field by 150 first responders and service people and unfurled after a live feed was played on the big screen where Robert DeNiro announced the playing of Taps at the location of the plane crash in Pennsylvania. It was quite moving. To continue our tribute, we played Empire State of Mind and America the Beautiful at halftime.

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