Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ravens vs. Browns

In typical Ravens fashion, the team almost messed up this game. They started out doing really well, but after halftime, either the Browns pumped up their game, or the Ravens got lackadaisical, because the Browns only lost, 14-20. I don’t think the Ravens even scored in the second half!
For the band’s halftime show, we did a Christmas theme, and played Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells” and Brian Setzer’s “Dig That Crazy Santa Claus.” The cheerleaders came out onto the field to perform for the second song, which was an improvement from last year where they only showed up for half of their allotted time.
When I got home, I saw that Donnie had arrived (he’s visiting for the holiday). We popped in a DVD that he brought with him, Horrible Bosses.

I actually chose to watch that one, thinking that it would be the funniest of the three movies that he had brought with him, but it wasn’t as funny as I hoped.

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