Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Scarf, New Yarn

The latest scarf I’ve completed is very similar to many of the others I’ve made, but this time I used a different brand of yarn. Mom and Dad came to visit Friday night, and brought a birthday gift of yarn. All of the different colors of Boutique Sashay that I hadn’t used previously, plus a yarn I haven’t tried out, yet, Premier’s Starbella Flash in Peacock. I worked on the Starbella Flash scarf a little at the Tidewater, to see how it would work out, and the hostess walked by and said she wanted it! So, I’ve been working on it, and another scarf, for a few days, and while I was on the bus at band on Sunday, two more scarves were requested (one in the Peacock, and one in either purple or black). It looks like I’ll be busy for a long time! But anyway, I finally finished the first Peacock scarf tonight.

I just love the color, hopefully I’ll get around to making one for myself!

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