Saturday, November 9, 2013

HdG Holiday Craft Show 2013

Well, it's finally over, the Havre de Grace High School Holiday Craft Show. Unfortunately, it was not very successful. I did not make enough money to cover the cost of the space, but from what I hear, this was the worst year in recent history. Some people that we talked to have done the show for four years, and they said this year was horrible, probably because of the economy and sequester. Aside from that, I thought it was a good experience. I got to make new things, and learned how to set up a booth and displays. Here are some pictures:

The last picture is of Joan's items. She's the mother of a co-worker, and I asked if she wanted to participate in the show with me, and she agreed. Unfortunately, she was very dissatisfied with the show, and said she wouldn't do it again. I will not be disheartened, and have signed up for a booth for next year. We'll try it one more time.

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