Saturday, September 26, 2015

Geocaching Proving Grounds

Today was a good day for me. Tom agreed to go to Cedar Lane Regional Park (aka Geocaching Proving Grounds) with me to go in search of several geocaches there. After looking at the map of the area on, it looked like there were several Premium Geocaches there. I couldn't access the descriptions or coordinates of those caches, since I'm not a Premium member (Premium Membership is a pay feature, and I'm not ready for that purchase, yet), but I did print out the map, with the intention of doing a cursory search, but nothing too intensive. In the end, we found three regular geocaches, we located the fourth, but I need a ladder to get at it, and surprise, we found three of the five premium geocaches! I definitely want to take Dad and Dodo there, both to show them the area, and to get the last couple of caches!

Hello & Goodbye

Well Excuuuse Me! (premium)

Scuba Divers Delight

51 Cards? Not Playing With A Full Deck Revisited (premium)

I spotted the corner of a plastic bag hanging out, but I need a ladder for Ghost to the Post. I'll get to it another day.

________ Stanley

Give that Fan a Contract (premium)

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