Monday, October 20, 2008

Manic Monday

This is an old post from my old blog. I intend to transfer them all over to this one.

Wow, I got so stressed today, it's not even funny. Last week, Linda had given me the task of constructing a poster for Quality Day at the plant this upcoming Thursday. Aside from having no formal microbiology training aside from what I've received at Huber, which was just enough to get me qualified to do the work of everyday testing, I had no idea what the subject was. Well, last Friday, I started to put some things together, and today, I stayed at home and worked on the graphics in PhotoShop, and put everything together in Adobe Illustrator. Some time between 1 and 1:30, I was feeling pretty good about the product I had put together, and thought maybe I was finished. As I was saving the file, an error occured, and nothing saved correctly. Then the scratch disk was full, so I couldn't even view the file the way it was meant to be seen. So I started to freak out, trying to print the file, trying to save the file in different formats, trying to correct what didn't save in a new file. About two hours later, I had a product that was close to what I had "lost." Then, I had to rush to work, get Linda's approval, attempt to e-mail it, but at over 40 MB, it wouldn't do what I wanted, so I had to run to Aberdeen to the printer to give them the file. Luckily, it opened okay on their computer, and I was able to get out of there in time to get to the restaurant on time. What a day!
I also sent out my From One Image ATC Swap items. I had intended to send them out on Saturday, but I got so rushed that I didn't have time to stop at the Post Office before work. Here is the completed product:

The jacket opens up, and I inserted a new piece of art inside of it, but from the same artist as the original image. Kind of fun...

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