Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl XLIV

Woo hoo! How about those Saints? And I won money in both of my football pools, too! Overall, a good evening. I think my favorite commercial this year was the one from about the beaver violinist. The runner-up would be the one from about Casual Friday. I also enjoyed four others - by Bridgestone, eTrade, Bud Light, and Doritos.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just to let you know I made a change to my blog today and now no one can access it!! I am so sorry but you will have to o to and re-follow me. At least i think!!

Louise xx aka zettibetti

Kimberly said...

Hi Wendy,
Its Kim from the tag swap. I've been sending e-mail via the address on your blog. Not sure if you are receiving them. If not, could you click on my blog and e-mail me? That would be great.