Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Fan Club that Wouldn't Die

This year's Raven's Roost Convention had the theme "The Fan Club that Wouldn't Die." It's really quite flattering that their theme was loosely based on ESPN's 30 for 30 piece that Barry Levinson did on the band called "The Band that Wouldn't Die." So, the pep band played before their parade. The parade had more variety than last year, there were a lot of references to past teams from the Baltimore area (Colts, Stars, Stallions), and quite a few references to the Mayflower trucks that the Colts left town in. One float was a big shoe with a "Mother Goose" type person telling the fairy tale of how the Baltimore Colts left town.

But my favorites were playing "Thriller," and implied that the fans keep coming back from the dead!

One of the Roosts even had a dance routine to the song - and they were quite good. We also had Sandra Unitas, Johnny Unitas' wife, and a former punter from the Baltimore Colts.

A couple of our band members were even in the parade, and the pep band hooped and hollered for them. It was a good time.

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