Friday, June 18, 2010

Safety Day and Two Sets of Tags

Today was Safety Day at Huber. It's a day where we learn about health, teambuilding, and other safe practices. I was on the planning committee this year, and it was a huge feat of planning. Starting with classes and arranging for instructors, providing lunch and gifts and prizes, and coming up with activities to keep the interest of everyone involved. We had a Huber Olympics, to help build teamwork. I even won a monetary prize in one of the activities - a take off of one of the "Minute to Win It" games. Unfortunately, one of our cars is in the shop with a split radiator, so that prize is already spent.

Once I returned home, I found not one, but two sets of tags in the mail! They were from Rachel and Pam. For Rachel's sneak peek, click here, and for Pam's, click here.

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