Sunday, June 6, 2010

OC Air Show 2010

The remainder of my weekend was taken up with the Ocean City Air Show.

I haven't been to an air show in a long time, and since we were in town anyway... It started out with a jump from an airplane with an American flag while the Star Spangled Banner was being sung.

The Navy Leapfrogs and the 101st Airborne had jumpers not too long after that.

There were aerial acrobatics performed by several different pilots in bi-planes, German planes, and a Russian Yak, fly-bys by four Raptors and a Globemaster on Saturday, and three C-130's on Sunday. An FA-18 Hornet (which is the same airframe that the Blue Angels fly) did a demonstration which included breaking the sound barrier. The Geico Sky Typers had a demonstration as well, showing how those planes would be used in combat. At Sunday's show, they actually did some sky typing.

The show ended each day with the Thunderbirds.

Of course, Tom had some criticisms, but I enjoyed myself - where else can you lay on the beach and see that kind of entertainment?

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