Sunday, August 5, 2012

Howard County Fair 2012

The band’s annual gig at the Howard County Fair was today. We performed a concert and participated in the parade. The concert went well, and I can’t think of any songs that we really messed up on. I was disappointed that we ran out of time and had to skip playing a song that I really like (“Uprising,” by Muse), but there will be plenty of time for that over the course of the season. There was one glitch during the parade – the front and back halves of the band were not together when we played the Star Spangled Banner – but apparently we were only one beat off, which is much better than when we’re a whole measure off.
Afterwards, Jeff (the guy I carpool to band with) and I stopped at Brad’s Produce Stand and got some corn. There were some recipes on the counter that I picked up, and am excited to try them out.
After fixing dinner, the rest of the evening was catching up on TV shows I’d recorded and crocheting granny squares for the Granny Square Sampler Afghan. I completed the second part of week 5’s assignment (the Squircle V 3),

and also week 6’s project (the Sunburst Variation Square).

The patterns are a little hard to follow at times, and I’ve had to redo things a couple of times, but they’re coming along. And the little mistakes? No one’s going to know about them but me, right?

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