Monday, February 9, 2009

Mail, Mail, Mail

I got mail from three different swaps today, and I love them all! The first was the second and final ATC from the Red and White for February ATC Swap - which came from Linda in Perth, Australia. The second, from Marlene in New Jersey, was the second of three matchboxes to be received from the Petite Inspiration Box Swap. The third was from Cindy from right here in Maryland, and was for the Little Token of Love Swap. Everything was so adorable, I wish I was half as creative as the women who sent me these wonderful items!

Red and White for February ATC from Linda M

Little Token of Love from Cindy

Additional Goodies from Cindy

Petite Inspiration Box from Marlene

Goodies from Marlene's Box

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Thanks Wendy for showing my box on your box from you was truly are a very talented gal...and the other swap items that you received are awesome...have a great night! Peace 2 "U":O)Marlene

p.s. Wendy the two pics of the oriental girl with the bird I hand painted the painting and then I minaturize them...have fun with the goodies!