Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year's Thanksgiving was a busy one for me. It started out with putting the turkey in the oven, then running to Huber for work. I know, how crazy was that, to volunteer to work this weekend, but I thought I would get overtime for it, and just found out that it's only regular time, plus holiday time. I think I'll just save the holiday time for next month. So anyway, when I get back, I have to get a shower, and then the first of our two guests arrives. We had invited Nathan and Donnie over for dinner, and they were each staying the night, too. Nathan arrived first, and I started preparing food for dinner. While peeling potatoes, Donnie arrived, and he helped cut up vegetables for stuffing while I worked on making pumpkin pies. Working together was nice, and helped move things along. Dinner was served in a timely manner, and afterwards, we watched football and chatted. Everything went well, except I turned into a shrew once. Oh well, Tom drives me absolutely crazy sometimes!

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