Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ravens vs. Steelers

What a day! I am pre-dating this post, since I got home really late.
My band day started with a 1:00 report time. For our halftime show, we performed with a rock band, and we needed to get sound checks done, but the Ravens would only let us have the stadium until 3:00 - and the game didn't start until 8:30! Practice went well, as did the 2+ hour lunch period and 1/2 hour concert. Then the game. I'm always torn when the Steelers and Ravens play - I grew up a Steelers fan, but I play for the Ravens. Luckily, the game was close and went fast. The Steelers ultimately lost 17-20 in overtime. What killed me was the overtime, it was 11:00 at the end of regulation play, and we had to stick around for who knew how long. After we finished turning in our uniforms and were bussed back to our vehicles, it was 1:30 the next morning, so I didn't get home until 2:30.
The halftime show went well. We played two Chicago tunes ("Make Me Smile" and "25 or 6 to 4") with the rock band, and I didn't hear any timing errors like the last time. Thank goodness!

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