Friday, November 13, 2009

Silver Bella - Day 1

Today's Silver Bella events went better than yesterday's. After checking with the front desk and finding out that my luggage had not arrived yet, I went to my first class - the Snowman Clip Ornament. It was absolutely adorable, and I got good momentum going and finished it.

I checked on my luggage again, and come to find out, it had been here since last night, they just didn't notice the name tag. So I toted my luggage to the room and went to my next class - the Sweet Sweater Hat. I had a great time with it, and it was a lot easier than I had imagined it would be.

Wanda and I both had the next class period free so that we could set up for the Vendor Fair. She did almost as well in sales as last year, but she had more expenses, so she was a little dissappointed. We had a good time, though.

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Suz said...

It was a great booth. I better let her know that, too!