Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Gifts

This morning, I finished the hat for Taylor. I'm happy with it, but when Tom looked at it, he said it wasn't Orioles colors. Well, it's the only orange I had, so it'll have to do!

After that, Tom and I worked on putting together Wanda's Christmas gift to me - two ClosetMaid Cubeical units. They're to help me get my crafting area organized. It took me a few dys to get to putting them together, and who knows how long it will take me to start getting things organized, but it's a start.

Then, at work tonight, I completed a scarf using Bernat's Boa "Nightingale."

While I was finishing it, Mel said she'd buy it off of me as a Christmas gift for her daughter. I was pleased with the colors (black and purple with a little silver metallic), and seeing how the yarn was an impulse buy, I'm glad I was able to sell the finished scarf.

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