Saturday, December 15, 2012


Phew! A while ago, Julie and Mel each ordered six headbands from me, in various colors. Well, this past Sunday, Julie threw a curve ball at me, and asked for flowers to go on them. I asked Mel if she wanted some, too, and she said sure. Headbands and flowers were all completed today, and here's what I ended up with.

Julie asked for flowers with Washington Redskin's colors for the black headbands, and thought that the purple yarn I was using at the time would look good with the grey headbands.

Mel asked for black flowers. I thought straight black flowers on the black headbands would get lost and not have enough contrast, so I used the grey with those flowers. On the purple headbands, I added purple to the flowers to add contrast, but still coordinate.
All of the flowers were made as pins, so that the wearer could attach the pin to whatever side of the headband is most comfortable for them, not use it at all, or even attach it the their coat or jacket as a coordinating accessory. This project was a lot of work, but Julie and Mel both loved what I had to show them, and were happy with the end products.

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