Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost - then Found

Glory hallelujah! I went downstairs earlier to do a little crafting, and for whatever reason, decided to look for my lost charms again. I decided to look in places that I hadn't touched recently, just in case Tom's theory about a ghostly presence might have some merit. Wouldn't you know it, I found the charms in my old sewing basket! Almost instantly, I knew it just had to be Tom's fault, so I went to him with my story. When I told him where I had found the charms, it all came rushing back to him. Several days earlier, he had gone down to look for a needle and thread, and pulled the sewing basket out of it's spot. He set it on the table that I had left my bag of charms on, and pushed the bag to the side. He then proceeded to empty the basket, looking for needle and thread. When he didn't find it, he loaded the basket back up, inadvertently loading the bag, too. I am so glad to have finally found them, but a little peeved, too, because I've already ordered the stuff for a new set of charms. Either way, they won't go to waste.

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