Monday, March 22, 2010

Cookbook and Rapunzel Scarf

I got tons of mail today! The first things was the cookbook from the Cookbook Swap. Michel-lee sent me "The Good Carb Cookbook."

I also received yarn and ribbon from two of my three partners in the Rapunzel Scarf - Easter Theme swap. The colors are gorgeous, and I can't wait to put the scarf together!

I received these from Shelli in New York.

Amanda in Washington sent these.

And here's a sample of what I'm getting ready to send out. I hope that my partners enjoy them as much as I enjoyed choosing them.

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Michel-lee said...

Wendy, I'm so glad you got your new cookbook. I really hope it will work well for you and your husband. Thanks again for participating. Swaps are so fun. Don't forget to stop by my site and post your link on 4/5.