Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visit from Family

This evening was a really nice one. Dad had meetings in Virginia this past week, so he extended his trip to visit with us for a few days. Today, while I was at work, Donnie drove up, and when I got home, the three of us went out. Our evening started dinner at the DuClaw.

We enjoyed some of their hand-crafted beers, an appetizer of a Crab Pretzel, and entrees of a Seafood Pasta, Pepperjack Penne Pasta, and Walnut Dill Salmon. I definitely enjoyed this experience more than the last time I went there - many years ago. Then we went to see a movie, Hot Tub Time Machine.

It was really funny - I laughed out loud. I'm sure that some people might say that the humor was stupid, but I really enjoyed it. Overall, a good evening.

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