Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's Play iSpy Swap

Today, I received the long awaited squares from the Let's Play iSpy Swap. They had to come all the way from Australia, so my patience was rewarded. I will try to post pictures of the squares, for Wanda's benefit, since she gave me her squares to give to a girlfriend of mine, as time permits - and it hasn't lately.

I have been so incredibly busy the past few days. The weather was beautiful, so it was extremely busy at the Tidewater. I was supposed to have Saturday night off, after working at Huber, but I was called in to manage, and Sunday, I was supposed to manage until 3, but had to stay until 5 because it was so busy. Then I had to go to Huber. It's crazy, but my body is still sore!

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